December 31, 2010

A new year!

Just.. One... More... Day..

New Year's Eve is tomorrow and many awesome parties are going to take place.. As always, I have so many people I want to be meet or be with on New Year's Eve but you can't fit everyone in one house, an even fewer in an apartment.. But nonetheless I have high expectations and it's going to be a great party even though many of my best friends won't be there :(

I have already decided on several vows to make for new years, all of which are secrets that I won't reveal for anyone. What's a secret if it's made public? Nothing!

But with a new years comes new responsibilities.. Nah just kidding. There's a new anime season, a new cosplay season and many other fun things that are more relevant!

2011 Spring Anime Season!
While this season sports the mainstream harem/ecchi animes there are a couple that I'll no doubt watch. Some that are promising for once!

Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season:
My favorite this season. If you havn't seen the first season, try it out. If it's not your taste, drop it but it's really well made and packs a lot of drama/story & some comedy. Though I do not quite understand how it's going to progress, that's good too as it's not predictable. I daresay ecchi won't be one of it's tags, which in general means it's focused on story as opposed to fanservice. Yay! Though I don't mind a happy ending where they actually at the very least kiss eachother. Those everyone-being-friends endings are a bit annoying in my opinion..

I'll definately watch it, no chance of dropping this one :P

Infinite Stratos
While it has the tags mecha and shounen, it still has some hope. Firstly, the artwork looks splendid. Let's hope the shounen tags doesn't go into the typical mainstream harem/slapstick comedy where the main character consistently makes the girl he likes hate him for the whole anime bar the last episode.

No anime with the mecha tag will beat Code Geass, but this one could sport something Code Geass could not, a lack of angst perhaps? Worth a shot anyway.

Kore wa Zombie Desuka?
Come on, the title sais it all. The story is revolving a lot around the necromancer topic which also makes for an interesting character. The necromancer. A cute necromancer that falls in love with the male lead? Yeah, probably something along those lines.. But we'll see.

While tags are bit uncertain, "shounen" is definately one of them, mahou shoujo is also clear. Rest is a bit uncertain. I just hope it isn't another harem/slapstick comedy which is way to popular for no aparent reason.

I'll watch the first few and see if it's anything worth the time. For all I know it could atleast be entertaining, but looks might be decieving..

The artwork slightly reminds me of Ef - A tale of Memories.. Hopefully it will be atleast as good though. No idea what tags/genre but the story will be about a girl on the picture. The male lead finds her, wounded and suddenly she turns into a necklace. Together they set out on a journey in a world where something called the "fractale system" is a force to be reckoned with.

Adventure? Shounen? Sounds a bit like Tsubasa to me but it's not made by Clamp. Still, it's worth a shot. Could always be surprised!

Dragon Crisis!
The male lead rescues a young damsel in distress who then turns out to be a dragon but in human form. They then travel across the world together on an epic journey. Sounds just like the last one to me, just switch the characteristics of the girls a little bit but oh well..

I guess I'll watch the first episode, I'll watch either this one or fractale probably.

Oniichan no Koto Nanka Zenzen Suki Janain Dakara ne!!
I guess the title kind of speaks for itself.. "brother, I don't like you at all", not exactl a perfect translation but that's basically what it sais. Another anime where the little sister has a brother-complex? Not unique this either. But as it's got the tag "comedy" it might be entertaining. Definately watching the first episode.

I suspect ecchi/slapstick being thrown in with the comedy which would lead to it being dropped really quickly.


Other wildcards:
CARDFIGHT!! Vanguard
Rio Rainbow Gate! (too much fanservice probably)
Hourou Musuko
Starry☆Sky (bishies as tag? reverse harem?)
Haiyoru! Nyaru-ani – Remember My Love

And some I definately won't watch:
Wolverine: I'm sorry, the ironman anime was not worth it. It feels like they just want more money from the concept.
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magika: I just don't really enjoy the magical girl idea, and the artwork looks like it's aimed for a pretty young target group.
Mitsudomoe Zouryouchuu!: The first season (LITERALLY) included too much shit humour for my taste. Disgusting and most often not fun at all. The artwork was not very appealing either.

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