June 9, 2010

Time flies!

Next convent, "Meuwcon", is drawing ever closer and I'll be trying to get to a tiny Game Expo too, with a cosplay competition. Chances of being able to go to Narcon.. well it's looking pretty bad right now, I've got a temporary job that weekend but I'll see if I can actually swap the dates with someone else. But who would want to swap with me? ..

On a better note! I've drafted patterns for the vest and pants for an everyday cosplay that actually isn't too hot to wear indoors/outdoors during the summer! Yay for light clothing during the summer! Really need to go to the local fabric supplier soon.

I've actually carefully drawn lines and accounted for seams and adjusted it a bit since but lots of needles and cheap fabric makes for the easiest patterns, even though it might look a bit bad right now. Working on a pattern for gloves, bootcovers, a plushie & a prop.

Note to self: the crotch area on pants are bit harder than I originally thought, I ended up copying that part from a pair of jeans I was wearing at the time. Easy but I felt like I was cheating. Though saving time is priceless!

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