June 1, 2010

Summer conventions!

Summer is finally here and a bunch of conventions and cosplay gatherings approaches! I really desperately need a cosplay more adapted for high temperatures.. Vincent is such an amazing cosplay but many layers of thick black leather has it's downsides too :P

Not to mention that transporting a whole bunch of fragile pieces of craft foam armor takes a lot of space. Not only that but it's also very taxing on myself to be in the costume an entire day, high-heeled leather boots and the heat generated by the costume exhausts you very quickly.

I've considered a few alternatives, Lelough in his Emperor robes for one. While not exactly light clothing it's very light in color which removes a lot of heat by sunlight, as opposed to Vincents dark costume. I've also considered Syaoran as an everyday cosplay, just a wig, vest and pants. Maybe adding a Mokona, goggles, the katana "Hien" and a cloak aswell if I'd want to enter a competition with it.

Meuwcon is the only con I've actually decided on so far, it's a reasonably large Swedish convent. I'll enter the cosplay competition with my Vincent cosplay if things goes as planned, the only thing I have left to do is a couple of repairs and sealing&painting the boots armor and finally attaching it to the actual boot. It's a few hours job but it really comes down to finding a tool I really need but have failed to find so far!

Apart from Meuwcon I might be paying Narcon a visit but it's far away and coincides with a temporary job I have planned to take. I might get off during the week-end but we'll see. I've heard so many good things about Narcon so I really would like to go!

Planned a couple of other cosplay related things this summer including a picnic and a small cosplay competition or two, both in Stockholm. It's yet to be decided but it would be a lot of fun!

Always so much fun to do in the summer, why can't it be more evenly spread over the whole year so you can actually do it all? :(

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