August 16, 2010

Convent's over

The week's end

The convent is over and I'm going back to my daily... boring... gray... lonely life. That's how it feels when you get back from an incredibly lively convent anyway :(

It wasn't boring for a second, I met so many nice people and amazing cosplayers. In costume the heat was the only opponent, it felt like the competitors were all on the same side. I became nominated as a finalist along with 9 others, all with amazing costumes. There were a couple of really good costumes who did not make it to the finalists so I'm proud, even if I did not win anything. For my first ever costume, I was one of the 10 best at the whole convent, that's prize enough.

I also got to talk to a whole bunch of other cosplayers and all of the finalists, I learnt plenty, got new ideas and got to know many nice cosplayers. Hopefully we'll all meet again at the next con, with even better cosplays and have an even better time.

Hopefully there'll be something on Youtube soon so I can see the rest of the competitors and the sketches since I missed them because of being backstage half of the evening. But it's been an amazing weekend and I hope I live to see many more just like, or perhaps even better, than this one.

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