October 11, 2010

Two new things decided!

More plans! Finally more cosplay \o/

Firstly I've decided to attend the game convent "Gamex", another Swedish convent over in Kista near Stockholm. Pretty large and focused on gaming. Hopefully I'll be able to attend it in my Vincent cosplay and compete over the prices but most importantly I'll have a lot of fun and I'll be able to show off the costume again! ^^

While that is uncertain and yet to be decided by others than myself, I've decided upon my next cosplay. It's to be Nero from Devil May Cry 4. Here he is:

It's a pretty complex cosplay just like Vincent. A lot of clothing and details..

A list of things I've planned making for the costume:
- Blue/Black Denim trenchcoat with red lining, and roseshaped buttons I might have to cast. And a symbol for "The Order" on each shoulder. On top of all that there is a fastener for the sword (leather).
- Very customized red leather vest with tedious and many decorative seams.
- Brown leather boots with 3 belts per boot attached.
- Jeans
- A crazy demon arm, perhaps I'll make it lit up if I can.
- A huge sword, "Red Queen". Yay! Always wanted one xD
- A huge revolver, but I might skip it as he never wields it and the sword at the same time.
- A black muscle shirt
- Leather bracer for the left hand.
- 2 rings for the left hand
- A white wig? No thanks. Silver, it will look a lot better and appear as a white wig but with shading! win.
- 1 belt on each leg, for looks I guess.
- No holster.. So where do I but that gun? T_T

Seriously, this character is really badass. He is completely amazing and kicks the new DMC Dante's ass. He is a weak emo boy. But Nero isn't. He isn't your average main character who's weak in the start and gradually growing, instead he's an arrogant tsundere who steadily grows warmer and nicer as the game progresses. Sure, at the end of the game he'll be stronger than in the start but he doesn't start at 0.

Another thing I like with Nero is the incredilby characteristic appearance. He's not like "L" in deathnote or just about any main character in a school anime who is completely devoid of anything recognizable. Carrying a 4-5feet sword might make people think SquareEnix but that isn't a bad thing, the demon arm and the trenchcoat are also really cool. Even a person who don't know the series will think it's a pretty cool cosplay I hope!

I mean, how can a trenchcoat, a huge sword, leather boots and a really mean demon arm go wrong? It would be even more amazing if I could find a Dante, Lady and a Kyrie but as there aren't any around in Sweden that I know of.. I'll be the lonely wolf Nero often was.

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