May 15, 2010


Started working a little bit on some basic Wonderflex/Craftfoam tutorial since I've recieved a lot of questions regarding it. Those materials are wonderful for creating things for cosplay, especially as they are a little bit elastic and a lot cheaper than buying sheet metal, not to mention easier to work with and simple to shape! Other than reinforcing it, attaching it to your cosplay and shaping it, I'll also go through painting, smoothing and creating a metal-like surface. But more on that note later.

I've also ordered a new wig for a cosplay I've started working with, we'll see how it turns out. I really need to learn to style wigs properly so that is why I ordered it. The type of wig is for now secret ^^

Less than a month to the summers first con, so things are getting tougher by the minute. I need to get hold of a couple of materials then start working again! This time around I really will enter the cosplay competition, it really looked like so much fun.

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