May 4, 2010

Vincent: Boots designed! Sweet!

I just felt like doing some really good dessert and so I did, why not? ^^

This is my favorite, out of all desserts this is just sweeter but not too sweet. A wonderful.. kind of Vanilla cream but that explanation just doesn't do it justice. The only way to find out how it really is is making it yourself, or ofcourse, eating the ones I make :P

With Vincents boots being damn near impossible unless made in metal which would require a lot of practice, experience, money, time and tools.. I've managed to create some decent designs for the boots! I've modified the appearance to be able to attach the securely to the boot, and in the right places so it can move with the foot.

I started by putting on the boots so I could actually make proper molds that would fit my feet perfectly and make sure they move along with the joints in the foot.. Else it would just break or fall off from any little movement. They look pretty bad but that's just to get the shape right :P

Then I attached a layer of orange craft foam on top of it.. Some of those round shapes are really annoying but I attached the middle of it with superglue, then applied fabric glue to the sides that should adhere to the wonderflex and superglue at the edges for a quick fit so I wouldn't have to hold it for hours. I then heated it up and pulled it until it fit perfectly then pressed it down against the edges with superglue and poof it's done! I screwed up and made a dent in the craftfoam in one place. I'll just sort that out with some gesso or so.

Here is the first dry fitting. Note that the toe isn't angled that much upwards when you are wearing them. I'll most likely attach all the armor pieces on each boot with a leatherstrap and then with elastic bands attach it to the boot. Gluing it right on top of the boot is a BIG NO-NO. Don't ever do it! The boots and your armors flexibility is difference and when it is like that you need a kind of.. medium in between if you understand what I mean. I think I've got this sorted now anyway. Time to get back to work!

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