May 7, 2010

Possibly new plans?

Started on a brand new project today, which might or might not be my next cosplay. It's really to push my sewing skills to their limit and see if I can learn to sew properly! I was inspired by the Swedish "Meuwcon" who will have a cosplay gala and possibly a masquerade ball or similar. Why not try and make some clothes fitting a ball then?

Thought of a bunch of different characters I could attempt to make a costume for but so far I've not found the right one.. Maybe I'll just make my own original character, taking some of my own ideas and some of existing characters. I have made some quick sketches and come up with some interesting ideas. I want it to have a little bit of a royal feeling to it. I've thought about black velvet, lined with some soft smooth cheaper fabric on the inside of it. Then silver details perhaps, that would add a pretty exotic noble/royal feeling to it.

I sure wouldn't start to sew with expensive velvet and embroidery thread.. I'll start off by drawing concept art, drafting a pattern, and only then attempt to sew one out of a similar but cheap fabric! I mean, given enough time and tries, surely I'll be able to sew something well!

Time to keep thinking of ideas, and get rid of this flu...

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