May 4, 2010

Hot and cold :(

With the weather warmer than ever this year, I've caught a cold somehow. I'm feeling pretty bad and my mood is all down.

But this is not the time to feel down! It's summer, you have to enjoy life. Why not make the day better by listening to really good music? I feel so good when I listen to music, makes you feel happy and warm again :)

Currently these cute vocaloids have gotten stuck in my head.

Uninstall, hey? "Hatsune Miku" sings about how she is just one of many of her kind and just feels like dissapearing... Noone would notice. Noone would care. There are many others just like her. Why is she not appreciated for the time and effort she spends on becoming such a great Vocaloid? So frightened yet putting up a strong, seemingly emotionless, front.

I like the tune, and the chorus is great, I do realise, now, why Vocaloids became so popular. A while back I actually thought it was some anime or something. Not a program to create songs.

This is another fantastic piece of music. Medleys are often very nice but these have spent enormous time on... anime and game music. That's quite rare. It's not some random choir either, these are great and have spent so much effort getting it just right. When they sing the part from "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" or why not "Agent yoru wo uku", "Makka ni chikai" or "Uninstall", it sounds like a choir of angels. Very well done by Nico Nico Douga, again, these parts are almost better than the originals :O

Another good song I found not that long ago. It just makes you want to run around the house and dance.. Feeling all down from the cold? Nah, take it easy and listen to some really good music instead ^^

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