April 11, 2010

Uppcon 2010

While the last day before "Uppcon10" was a nightmare, I finally got to go to the convent I had been waiting for. When I got there about 2000 people were in queue to enter and there were some technical issues with the tickets. I met a lot of nice nice cosplayers on the way in, among others I met a Reno and a Squall who are also from the Final Fantasy series which made it even more interesting.

Mistake #1: If you are worried if your cosplay will survive for long time at a con.. Don't wear it in the queue. Get the badge/armband/thing that gets you in without having to queue and THEN get it on. What a mistake. My bracer which was shining gold is now matte brown and the color has come off on a couple of places, but nothing you cannot repair. I'll just repaint it after sanding it down a little bit.

Mistake #2: Only considering appearance and not how comfortable/practical/sturdy the materials would be. I'll have to make several repairs, reinforcements and redesigning a couple of parts.

Mistake #3: Why the hell didn't I start a bit earlier and applied to join the cosplay competition.. It would have been a lot of fun!

But enough of mistakes! What about the success? The con overall was amazing and the people who were there were the best. I got so many compliments, ideas, dreams and inspirations on that one convent. I just can't believe how good some cosplayers there were. Beautiful wigs, wonderful props and perfect costumes.

I want to become one of the best and I really think I have a chance to create something others will be amazed of. Or I hope I do, I should say. After seeing so many others craft wonderful things, I can't wait to give it my all and try :)

I was not only inspired by other people but it appeared like others actually enjoyed my cosplay, even though it was my first time. Not only did they openly show their affection for the same character I like and cosplayed but they also gave me compliments, ideas and tips.

I got to speak to some of the best in swedish cosplay and have made several new friends that I'll be sure to meet again at some point! There is so much more to cons than just cosplay and the actual activities.. I like it.

Something I need though.. A really good less complicated outfit to wear as everyday wear.. I'm thinking of:

Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles. With a mokona on the shoulder, and perhaps a katana.. the one he got in episode 20, "Hien" or (red) flame. I could manage to do that.

Trying to think of other more everyday cosplays. Fairly easy to make, relatively light clothing (not naked nor 4 layers of clothes). Something you can wear a day at a con.

I'm also starting to think about other future cosplays.. If I was a girl I'd have cosplayed Sabre because she's just so awesome. That royal blue outfit, the silver armor, the excalibur he "traces" for her. Nah, I'm not going to crossplay. Hmmm. Which character to pick, among so many good ones.

I'm also thinking of a cool twin cosplay. As I'm a twin there are a bunch of interesting cosplays. Normal cosplays turns abnormal and cool when there are 2 twins cosplaying them. For example a Sora and and anti-Sora, or an Ichigo and a Hollow Ichigo.. or why not Syaoran and the dark Syaoran. Trying to think of a good one :I

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