April 4, 2010

Vincent: Progress

Today have been such a fantastic day. It was the first really hot spring day, with the sun shining bright and warming, birds making sure it's never quiet and a glass of coke with a slice of lemon and plenty of ice. Imagining the 1 meter snow there was a week ago... nah, that must have been another country.

I spent all day "painting" glue again. The craftfoam armors glue is finally done! The boots and the claws layers of glue are thick and shiny. Hoping to spray paint them in gold tomorrow and another layer of gold the day after, not many days to Uppcon actually... It's so much still to do!
Craft foam is a wonderful material but I wish I had some practice with it before I started crafting these as they now are quite rough and some parts are far off what I wanted them to be... The worst surprise I got was when the first layer of glue shrunk the size of my perfect piece of armor I had made. Like 3-4h spent on modelling the craftfoam and then the glue which aparently shrinks when it hardens deformed the entire piece of armor. So for the rest of the pieces I used things to mold them on and made sure they stayed in shape by first reinforcing them while on the mold and THEN painting with glue. So many things to learn :O

The capelet is the second thing I worked on today, a lot of sewing and folding was done and I have settled on how to do with the belts. The decorations are almost fully painted and I did a first test of layout with half of the belts.
The belts are just lying on top of it and the decorations to be glued over the ends. It looks alright actually, the shoulders obviously looks bit weird as they are supposed to be on a person and not be flattened against a table and the collar looks a bit off when not circling a neck, but still it gives a decent overview! Note that the photo is taken with a poor cellphone camera that complete distorts all colors and lighting.. I really have to get a proper camera with a lense greater than 2mm.

One things I noticed in after is that the belts are a bit too thick, they should be around 1.5mml thick, and perhaps 18-20mm wide, not 2.5mm thick and 24mm wide. But oh well.

For tomorrow.. Time to paint some claws!

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