April 2, 2010


It's my first blog and I don't have any experience at all at blogging but I'll try to keep it from being boring. A lot of pictures, and a lot of what I like and don't like.

This blog will mostly be about cosplay and what I currently want to do, is doing and is going to do. Some of my experiences, goals and dreams are also stories to be told. I'll mostly stay on topic (cosplay) but will sometimes deviate from this and talk about some of my other hobbies and ofc things closely related to cosplay like movies, anime and manga. Or anything else I feel like at the time really ^^

But who are YOU? (Sigh, lifestories..)
I am born, and currently living, in Sweden and I'm 20 years old. Currently only working part-time which is perfect for such a time consuming hobby as cosplay. Wouldn't mind a full-time job but for now this'll do..

I'm currently living with my mother and twin brother but will move out eventually, I'm considering going to a university though and saving money for it as being in depth is just not my thing.. If I get a fulltime job I'm definately moving to an apartment though, and possibly sharing it with my twin brother for the first year or so but we'll see. It all depends on the money, as usual.

Moving on from boring lifestories
My favorite game series is Final Fantasy and as such my first cosplay will be Vincent Valentine. I'm in the process of crafting everything right now and will be done in about a week, more on that later! I'm also watching quite a bit of anime and some of my favorites are Vampire Knight, Tsubasa Chronicles, Fate/stay night, Wolfs Rain, Fullmetal Alchemist, Ouran Host Club and a few others :)

I'm also listening to a lot of music. It varies a lot.. Everything from Original Soundtracks from Lord of the Rings, Naruto and Final Fantasy to Queen, Iron Maiden and a variety of musicals like "Chess". I basically always listen to music, especially if I'm working on my costumes or working at home.

Another thing I love to do, however masculine it might be.. Cooking. I just love cooking. If there is one thing I could not live without, its got to be good food. The best thing with cooking is that you can cook whatever you want and change the flavor to how your mood is today. I really enjoy contrasts, like a really hot curry with mild banana in it or why not a mexican taco pie with sour cream? I also make delicious desserts, here are a couple of my favorites that I've cooked myself:

Crème Brûlée, french dessert. Amazing. An awesome vanilla flavored cream, with a touch of the flavor you got by melting the thin layer of sugar on top of it. My favorite desert by MILES. It's amazing. If you havn't done it right or have eaten some half assed crap at a supposed luxury restaurant, it's nothing like this.

White chocolate Mousse? Cream and white chocolate. Couldn't be easier. You do it the day before, put it in the fridge. When it's supposed to be eaten, just whip the cream fluffier and it's ready. Serve with raspberry sauce (home made, be sure to remove the stone-line seeds in them if you can).

No idea what the english word for this would be, but a direct translation would make it "Toffee cookies". Basically it's cookies that are made from syrup, flour, sugar, vanilla and butter! They are just so good.

These are just some of the many good things I make and I truly enjoy it. One of the best things there are is when someone complements what you are proud of, for me.. That's my cooking. When someone you know or like sais that they really like the food you made.. it's just so satisfying and comforting :)

But enough of food, I'm getting hungry now. Time to go downstairs and make something for dinner!

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