April 5, 2010

Vincent: Capelet&bracer

I can't believe it.. From wonderful late spring back to mid-winter in one day? Yes, it's snowing AGAIN

Atleast it means I have a lot of time to finish my Vincent costume today. I made some progress on the "capelet", all the belts are now attached and all that's left is the claw, boots and holster.

That's the capelet.. But it gets all creasy and strange shaped when flattened against the table. The collar usually gets a rounder shape, like this:

Not that satisfied with how the belt decorations turned out, but they definately somewhat resemble vincents, although I should have done them differently with the cross being the highest part and the edges just highlighted with color and not built up with craftfoam. Overall it's still recognizable as Vincents clothing. It's not the little red riding hood, it's not Little My either, but definately Vincent!

That's the golden bracer I've been working on for some time now, many layers of glue, couple of layers of color. All that's left is a shining finish.. if I can find a good one. The one I had caused more of a matte finish for some reason. Why would that be? It made the gold look like a pale beige with a shining finish, not gold.

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