April 2, 2010

Vincent: Planning

Just like I said before, I'm currently working on a cosplay: Vincent Valentine, from Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.I picked the movie Advent Children for it's huge sources of high definition images of Vincent's clothes and armaments.

I started last fall with closely watching the movie's every scene one by one and drawing concept art of all his clothes and wrote a list of all problems to solve. Here is one of the pictures I drew as concept art:

I faced many problem for one thing his left bracer (the gold one) would be impossible to put you hand through as your hand is wider than your forearm. So I'd have to make that a bit wider. Not only that but vincents legs are often shown completely out of scale compared to his upper body. But those kinds of issues are always hard to solve I suppose. So I'm not 6' tall no (that's 2m). Obviously my cosplay will be a shorter vincent, but by making the capelet and pants relatively tightly fitting to the body I can still achieve a reasonable Vincent I think :)

Vincent's costume is quite complex, including:
Poots: Black leather, golden armor (4 separate pieces)
Pants: Black leather, 2 belts, quite slim fit
Vest: Black leather, 3 belts (6 decorations), high collar (~8cm)
Left Claw+Bracer: Golden armor & claws attached to a black leather glove
Right Bracer+glove: Black Leather bracer with 3 belts attached, 3 decorations.
Cloak: A red long cloak, not that wide, roughly 3 times is shoulderwidth in the bottom of it. About 1 shoulderwidth at the top of the cloak.
Capelet: Red, high collar (14-15cm), reinforced to be a bit harder, 6 belts (2 collar, 4 chest, 12 decorations).
Cerberus: 3 barreled revolver, 1 hanging "cerberus" pendant.
Holster: Black leather, can see the barrel through the bottom end of it, in the Advent Children movie, the scene where he throws Cloud towards the nasty demon.
Wig: Long (just past shoulderblades), straightened. Relatively rough, to avoid female look. But still straight, absolutely not curly.
Bandana: 4 laps around the head + 20-25cm to tie it in the back. Might sew it :I

Now most of these are sorted, with the exception of:
- Styling the wig
- Sorting the bandana
- Sewing the holster
- Attaching belts to capelet
- Painting and attaching the last parts of armor for boots and claw

So like 3-4 days of work I guess. After that I'm done! Can't wait for Uppcon.

Couple of pics of the progress so far:

The right glove and bracer, the bracer made out of 3mm fake leather, and the belts out of 2mm real leather. The belt fasteners are bought but were painted silver, instead of golden like they originally were.

An early test of the craft foam claw, just layed out on top of the glove to see lengths. Will glue all parts on top of a thin leather strap which I then attach to the to the glove, to reduce the strain on it and ease movement. The parts are now painted in shining gold and are waiting to be attached to the glove, pictures of that later. Not that pleased with the finish but oh well, trial and error!

A picture of my try to recreate the "Cerberus", his threebarelled revolver. The triggers are outright bad andsome other things are inacurate, but overall.. There's no doubt about that it's the cerberus. This piece is also painted as of a few weeks back, dark silver body, golden triggers and dark brown sides to the handle.

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